How to Write a Eulogy

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What is a eulogy?
A eulogy is simply a funeral speech about a lost loved one. It is usually given by a family member, but it can also be given by a member of the clergy.
It can be thought of as a conversation with family and friends about the life of the person who has died.
What should be included in funeral speeches?
• Things like a brief life history of the person who has died (such as when they were born, what they enjoyed doing, etc.)
• Favorite memories involving the person who has passed away
• Details about family, friends, and work
• The achievements that the deceased considered very important
There are some basic steps that can be used as a guideline for writing a fulfilling eulogy.
• Write a brief chronological outline of key events in the person’s life from birth to death as well as any events the person went through that may be worth mentioning.
• Make a list of some of the things that the deceased was passionate about.
• Write down all your favorite memories of the deceased
• Combine all of these thoughts into a giant list and then decide which to keep in your speech.
• Organize the remaining thoughts in some type order.
There is not really a time limit or length limit so it should flow as naturally as possible. Emotion is something that isn’t discouraged in these types of speeches.

Even poetry can be used if it’s related to the member of the deceased.
It can help to make note cards and practice the flow in a mirror. This can also reduce anxiety
It is best to think of being selected to do a eulogy as an honor. It’s indicative that you were particularly spec

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